Who Am I?

The title of this page is only slightly in reference to my favorite musical.

Such a loaded question isn’t it? Who are you? I don’t know if we ever can answer it truthfully since we are all such complex individuals – we change every day. But I can tell you what I do.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Jack of all Trades, Master of None,” yeah? Well I call phooey on that. Our multitude of experiences and talents are what makes us interesting and marketable.

What can I do for you? Now, that’s a much better question.

Whether it be on the stage, playing a video game, or working with a customer to secure their network – it’s all done with passion. Specialties range depending on the day all the way from Information Security to Star Wars, and I like to find ways to mix them together. Check out my blogs- you’ll get the idea.

Transplant Texan to the magnificent New York City where I now call home. Blogger. Podcaster. I’m an artist gone rogue who ended up in the wonderful world of technology. With a B.A. in Theatre Arts and interests ranging from Star Wars to Opera, I like to bring a unique and artistic perspective to the tech world.

Have a great idea or conversation topic? Let’s talk. Two heads are better than one and five are better than two. Not to mention, it’s more fun that way.

I like to dance through life. (Credit to Wicked for the reference.)  You can always find me singing, painting, and doing copious amounts of jigsaw puzzles. My full-suite of theatrical talents enhance my day to day career path. Singer, actress, painter, carpenter, lighting designer, you name it – that’s me! Everything you do is a learning experience, and if I’m not learning, I’m not breathing. Life is better with jazz hands.